Many years later…

05Doo joo noe… I apparently forgot I had this blog!

But I’ve recently re-discovered it and decided to go “whole hog” and pay for a bit of upgrading. Just a bit. Enough to get my own domain back again (happy dance!) and get rid of the ads.

Party time! \o/

So I started a completely different (and still freeeee) blog for my CC recordings. Which ia now getting a tad old and out-dated and I’ve downloaded stuff that I haven’t recorded and taken out stuff I haven’t deleted from the blog.

Great idea. Waaaay too much work. LOL

I really wanted my own home on the inter-webz that wasn’t tumblr, however, and this was affordable. I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll call it my “Happy Mother’s Day to Me!” present. 😉04

I have a story to tell. And this will be the best place to tell it. It’s all about 6 ordinary girls, a queen’s interesting idea to find a bride for her son, a reluctant prince, and the building of a castle while I played it all out.

Stay tuned. 😀

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