The Further Adventures in Testing

Today we get to the real fun. Rain.


Yup, it finally started to rain on the island! Cora wasn’t as impressed as I was.


Aww FRAM. Puddles already! My garden will drown!

I backed out to get a good view of the downpour. And then I realized – this was a true downpour!!!


Yikes! A thunderstorm has started! I must get inside!

Well, the only “inside” was her tent. But that is where she stayed. I don’t know how many Wilderness Digests she read that day. But she is UP on her travel tips!

Just when it looked like she was well and truly protected in her nice “Cabin in a Bag”, disaster struck:


* le GASP! *

She had just stepped outside to eat a strawberry! I’m not sure what would have happened if she’d still been in the tent!


Oh my! That was close! But it looks like my tent survived!

Wrong. Mwaaahaahaaaa!


All she could think to do was have a shower. As you do in thunderstorms…


Once out, she cried over her lovely tent. I will admit, I almost cried, too. Those things are expensive to replace, and she didn’t have the money!!!


I just want to go inside! I just want to go inside!! * sob *

She kept running around, trying to “go inside”, and then ZOT!


Ooooooo. Pretty lights. Lights are pretty. Rain is pretty. Pretty rain.

Ooooh yeah. Totally dazed. 😆

She was so dazed, she figured researching a plant in a thunderstorm was a great idea.


Pretty plant. Pretty picture. Pretty is dirt. Camels is green…


By the end of the storm, Cora had survived, but her fire pit, this chair, AND the next two chairs were also toast. This was going to take a lot of yard sales to replace! 😀

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