Trying to Push the Limits

I’ve finished another week with a new sim and a few tweaks to the challenge to supposedly make it “harder”.  Sure she was unhappier more often, but it always seems easy to get through.

The tweaks I tried were:

  • using the cheaper tent – made no difference
  • giving the lot the Creepy Crawlies trait – which just meant she got attacked by bees, bats, and spiders a lot. Downed the mood, but it wasn’t over-come-able
  • giving the lot the Cursed trait. Never played with that one before. Basically, about twice in her year, she became dazed. And she got angry a couple of times. That’s it.
  • gave the sim the traits of clumsy, materialistic, and vegetarian. She got sad and sick whenever she ate fish, and a small negative moodlet a couple of times over not buying new stuff. That was it.

The new lot in Willow Creek

So all in all, they weren’t such horrible things, just slight inconveniences. I got tired of spiders falling all over her, and bees in the middle of winter was just… wrong. 😀

I’m thinking about removing the fridge altogether. That way, surviving on fish is a bit harder. Mind you, it’s pretty easy to survive on fresh vegetables. Kind of a pain to eat so many times a day, mind you, but easy.

I’m also thinking of taking out the tent. Just making a fake shelter that doesn’t afford another way to get fun up. It seems that if they have appropriate clothing on, shelter doesn’t matter, which is also a bummer.

And the last thing I’m going to test next, speaking of clothing, is not allowing them to wear their “hot” or “cold” clothing. That alone will make the biggest difference. My sim could stand in a blizzard for hours and sell flowers and not freeze to death!

To do that, I’ll have both the summer and winter clothing choices in all-red or some bright colour that I don’t use in the other outfits. That way, if they auto-change, I can change them right back. LOL I’m sooooo mean…

Let’s see if this fire pit really does have enough of a warming effect. 😉

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