Chloe Tierney in Dachshund’s Refuge

I chose a smaller house to start off my Brindleton Bay/Peacemaker venture: Dachshund’s Refuge. (Please head over to the Simsational Designs post to get a proper look at the exterior of this house. I started my save in Spring, like a dolt, and all the trees are missing leaves and it’s snowing. 😛 )

For this home, I chose to create a single, YA, female sim whom I named Chloe Tierney.


Chloe is an independent gal. She’s a musician – pianst, to be precise. She likes fashion that’s a bit on the flamboyant side of life. Even though she’s a newb sim in the game and has no skills, I imagine her to be an accomplished artist already, someone who was a child prodigy and has a certain level of notoriety despite her young age. 🙂

She’s got all the qualities of a prodigy – Music Lover, Creative, Muser, Perfectionist. In my mind, she travels quite a bit with her musical endeavours and I think that she will be the Brindleton Bay piano teacher for all the kids. 😀

She inherited this home from her grandparents. The kitchen had to be re-done, but everything else was in pretty good shape. She has a mix of some of her furnishings and some of her grandparents’ older stuff – suits her eclectic style. She keeps a very tidy home – being a Perfectionist, she doesn’t like things out of place!

Take a walk through Chloe’s home – click on the first picture to bring up the whole gallery.

I like Chloe’s mix of older and newer, retro and modern. I can’t wait to play her! But I’ll have to, because I have quite a few more homes to go!

Next up will be Bob Tierney’s place. Bob is Chloe’s brother. He has a wife, a 10yo daughter, and an elderly father-in-law. Pics coming soon – but first I’ll have to finish their home! 😉

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