Patterned Berber

In my quest to make over my Brindleton Bay homes, I decided I needed some better carpeting than game stuff. However, it’s really hard to find for TS4, let me tell you! What I want is the PurplePaws carpets that I had in TS3. However, those kind don’t seem to exist (at least on places I’m willing to download them from).

Which spun me off into a sideline of making my own carpet flooring! (ADD, much?)

Now, these are NOT like PurplePaws’ yet. But they turned out nicely enough for me to share. 🙂 I mean, if I’m going to go to the effort, I may as well share in case anyone else can use them, too!

Patterned Berber


CC Credits: Windows, curtains, sofa, some walls, and chair by peacemaker_ic.

** Download at Sim File Share **

Installing: If you need help installing CC, Carl has a great tutorial here.

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