“Imperial” Carpeting

Named in honour of PurplePaws’ TS3 carpet tiles. Mine is not the same thing – the “dots” in the pattern are darker than the main colour, not lighter. But hey – they’re dots. 😉

I made this carpeting to be one of my new “basics” in the game. I’ve diffused the pattern just a bit so that it’s not quite totally realistic, but has a tad more realism than the Maxis carpets. It might lean toward the “more realism” side. 😀 But at least it’s not photo-perfect. 😉

In-game shots of four of the colours, no added editing as far as lighting, etc.:

Aqua: dusty

Blue: grey

Brown: dark

Yellow: straw

Here are all the colours included:

Colour Gallery

** Download at Sim File Share **

Installing: If you need help installing CC, Carl has a great tutorial here.

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