Plush Carpeting

I really need to stop making carpeting and move on to the rest of my Brindleton Bay homes and peeps! But I couldn’t – not until a truly basic carpet was back in my game.

I believe I have that carpet. * does happy dance *

I give you some basic plush carpeting. (Can “plush” ever truly be “basic”? Probably not.) In any case, it will be one of those basic ones I use in houses for years to come, I’m sure. Has some texture, looks like carpet, but if you get close, it’s kind of mushy. Not as mushy as Maxis carpets, but not quite as realistic as some can be. Which is what I go for when I make a carpet. 😉 Hopefully you will agree that I achieved it. If you don’t, feel free to comment below! (I’m not easily offended by constructive criticism!)

Four little samples of the carpet in-game:

And the preview pictures of all  24 colours included in the package:

** Download at Sim File Share **

Installing: If you need help installing CC, Carl has a great tutorial here.

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