Ponderings about How I Play

You know, playing The Sims was always more fun when I had a community to share it with. I think that’s what I’ve felt has been lost. Those good old forum communities that could become both a repository of shared files AND a spot where stories and simming lives could be shared.

They’ve been replaced by Discord channels, tumblr, and now, Patreon. And can’t leave out good old YouTube, of course. 😉

But this is not new news where I am concerned. I’ve been sad about the loss of good forums for a long time. Ha! It just seems that there must be some way for me to still share my game with others.

Of course, to be completely honest here, sometimes that sharing of the game – and/or files and stories and such – became more of a job than fun! So we are really in between a rock and a hard place here, aren’t we?

I think, for now, I’m going to play when the feeling hits me and post for myself here on this blog. Maybe even upload an image or two. LOL Just so I can go back and re-live some of the funnier or more enjoyable moments of my own gameplay. And if someone happens to venture along and find this poor neglected blog and enjoys something, that will merely be the cherry on top of this ice cream cone. 😉

With that in mind, here is where I am currently in the game:

Christopher Sheridan was a sim who was supposed to be an “Annie”, but I went through the story/character creator, he popped up, and after a few tweaks, I really liked him!

Christopher. Please don’t call me “Chris”…

The answers to my questions had him set up as a Detective (Level 3 already!), had a bit more money than usual single sims ($20,000), and he was a Serial Romantic. (Thus the cheesy moustache there…)

He settled into Proprietor’s Square in Windenburg:

I’ve updated his house as he went along and earned money. That was fun. And I decided that I would satisfy his aspiration and get him to the top of his career and then I’d start all over with another story-made sim in another world in this game save.

So it’s been fun working on finally getting to the top of the detective career, as I’m not sure I’d done that before. Here he is on one of his cases:

I found it hilarious that the crime scene was at a plane crash site! Haa! Only too fitting, doncha think!

He’s put a few criminals behind bars now – a disturbing number of them were teenagers. * le gasp * He is almost at the top – one more promotion to go! And he’s fulfilled his aspiration, woot! (BTW – I’ve done that aspiration before and they’ve made it way too easy… 😛 )

After all those girlfriends, and knowing that I would be moving on soon to a new sim, I wanted to have him finally settle down and get married. You know, for “world back story” kind of stuff. So he “ran into” his first girlfriend one day – they’d not been close for ages so there was no romantic bar left! But since he now has the “Beguile” trait, it wasn’t hard to turn her heart around again. LOL I changed his aspiration to be Soulmate and I think I will get two aspirations done with Christopher Sheridan! There may be wedding picture spam coming up. Just sayin’.

As for downloading TS3 to play – well, it’s downloaded. Ha! That’s as far as it got, because I started up with Christopher while it was downloading and got hooked! 😀 I don’t mind. TS3 will be there for the day when I’m ready for it. 🙂

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