Sheridan’s Shenanigans… Are Over. ;)

That’s what I called this save game – “Sheridan’s Shenanigans”. LOL But he’s finally found THE ONE. He searched hard. He searched often. He searched PASSIONATELY.

But Becca Clarke, his first fling, was his true soulmate. He just knew it. Well, I just knew it. LOL Lemme tell the story to fill you in…

Becca was only a few months older than Christopher. While he was deeply committed to working his way up the police force, she was a college student studying communications.

Despite his ability to fly up the ranks of a prestigious and respected career path, he (rather immaturely) played the field as often as he could. Meanwhile, Becca was (may I say, maturely) grinding out papers and presentations and trying to ignore the fact that he seemed to be flirting with other ladies.

But one day, that fact was impossible to ignore any further. She sighted Christopher and some other woman sneaking into the bushes together – and she knew it was over between her and “her cop”.

So she threw herself into her studies and forgot all about Christopher Sheridan. Ignored his calls. Threw darts at his picture in the student lounge (therapeutic, doncha know). The dried roses she’d saved from their first date were angrily crushed under her feet and later swept up and disposed of by a sympathetic dorm mate.

Six months passed. Christopher was looking at his life outside the police force seriously for the first time – over a mediocre drink at a dive where he’d just arrested his third teenaged criminal in as many weeks. What was up with these youth? What was up with the world? What was up with him?

His memories went back to Becca. That gorgeous long brown hair, those happy eyes, that willing smile… Sure, Nina Caliente was hot – ALL the time! – and Jade Rosa was the best of friends – with benefits… but Becca… Becca had been all those things and so much more.

He pulled out a photo he’d taken on their second date:

He sat there and remembered that night. He’d found out she only drank tea. Oolong tea, to be precise. “Who needs other teas where there is oolong?” she’d stated.

She was also a very animated, active sort of person. He could tell from they way she talked. Particularly, the way she talked about the latest book she was reading. Huuuge book lover. She went on and on and on… while he feigned interest and watched her lips move and wondered what kissing her would be like.

Of course, being Christopher, he found out what kissing her would be like later that night.

It was heaven.

He sighed and downed the rest of his drink, tucking away the photo. He’d thought he’d been in heaven several times since that night. More than several, if he were being honest. But none of that had been true. None of it.

Only that night. Only with that girl.

What would it take to get her back, he wondered? If he could just ignite that old flame within her, make her forget about how he hurt her for just a moment – to give him time to apologize before she threw him out on his sorry ass…

THAT’S when he remembered his newly-learned talent: how to Beguile someone!

He smiled as he slammed some simoleons down on the bar. Maybe everything was not lost after all.

2 thoughts on “Sheridan’s Shenanigans… Are Over. ;)

    • D’aawww, thanks porkypine! I do love words. Very much. 😀 And writing words. That would be up there in the list, too. LOL! You are very kind!

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