Plush Carpeting

I really need to stop making carpeting and move on to the rest of my Brindleton Bay homes and peeps! But I couldn’t – not until a truly basic carpet was back in my game.

I believe I have that carpet. * does happy dance *

I give you some basic plush carpeting. (Can “plush” ever truly be “basic”? Probably not.) In any case, it will be one of those basic ones I use in houses for years to come, I’m sure. Has some texture, looks like carpet, but if you get close, it’s kind of mushy. Not as mushy as Maxis carpets, but not quite as realistic as some can be. Which is what I go for when I make a carpet. πŸ˜‰ Hopefully you will agree that I achieved it. If you don’t, feel free to comment below! (I’m not easily offended by constructive criticism!)

Four little samples of the carpet in-game:

And the preview pictures of allΒ  24 colours included in the package:

** Download at Sim File Share **

Installing: If you need help installing CC, Carl has a great tutorial here.

Bob Tierney’s Home

The Tierney family lives in Peace’s “Talison House”, placed near the lounge by the waterfront area of town. You should really go look at Peace’s presentation of it at the link above, because the first day of spring in my save is not doing the street view any favours, what with all the leaves missing off the trees and the framming snow flying about. LOL



As you can see, Gramps has indeed indulged Renee with her dreams for her room. Yes, an explosion of colour! After all, she is 10 years old. πŸ˜‰ And truth be told… This all happened one weekend when Bob and Vanessa were away in Granite Falls to gather rare herbs for Vanessa’s cooking. Yup. Ol’ Melvin kinda snuck in under their noses and Renee had the time of her life shopping for and re-doing her bedroom! And he had the time of his life spending more of his left-over money!

Bob had to bite his tongue for about a week. Vanessa was more quickly forgiving of her dad. Eventually, Bob came ’round to seeing that it was what made Melvin happy and it certainly had made his daughter’s eyes shine to show off her new “creation”. He did have coffee with Gramps early one morning and explain that too much indulgence wasn’t a good thing. Gramps agreed.

Then he went out and bought a fancy pink journal for Renee two days later.

Neither of them have said anything about it. πŸ˜‰


Most of the CC is Peacemaker’s. The parquet floors are by the lovely … whoops! … Can’t say, cuz she doesn’t have them up on her tumblr yet. πŸ˜› The carpet in the living room and master bedroom is my own and the carpet in Renee’s room is on MTS by mustluvcats.

Bob Tierney and Family

Back to Brindleton Bay we go! I’ve finished the second house so it is time to introduce the family who is living there.

Bob is Chloe Tierney’s brother. A bit older than Chloe and a bit of a jock. They’re kind of opposite, these siblings: she’s artsy-fartsy and he’s just… fartsy. You know. As guys do. That smug look on his face? Yeah. He’s a bit on the self-confident side. Hopefully that will help and not hinder with his athletic career.

He won’t mind working up a good sweat while working out, either. But he’s definitely a family man and his wife and little girl are the apples of his eye.

Vanessa is Bob’s wife. She’s creative, rather like her sister-in-law, but not with paint – with food! (Bob doesn’t mind that bit at all, btw.) She wants to become a master chef, but she’s also family and home oriented.

Renee is Bob and Vanessa’s only child. She has definitely inherited the creative trait from both sides of the family. She wants to be a famous painter one day. But she’s only 10yo, so there’s a lot of life to be lived and a lot of things to learn before deciding on that final career!

Yup, she’s 10yo and an only child. Truth be told, Vanessa was horrified by the whole childbirth thing and is really reluctant to get pregnant again. Bob would like to have more kids, though, and Vanessa’s not opposed to kids, just childbirth! LOL They have talked about adoption once or twice. Maybe that will be the only way Renee will get a little brother or sister?

And finally, Vanessa’s dad, Melvin Webber. Or as Renee likes to call him, “Gramps”. His wife, Charlene, passed away years ago, just after Renee was born. Poor Melvin was so lonely and started to not take care of himself very well, so Vanessa and Bob insisted he move in with them.

He’s a great help with Renee – she’s given him new life and the two are very close. He came from money and didn’t do a whole lot of anything in his life, except marry the love of his life and have two lovely girls whom he doted on. He tries to give some of it to Bob and Vanessa, but Bob refuses. (Besides, quite a bit of it was already eaten up with medical bills when his wife was sick.) So instead, Mel spoils little Renee as much as he’s allowed. πŸ˜‰ He bought her a fancy electronic keyboard and she is now taking piano lessons from her Auntie Chloe. And you should see her room! Well, you will soon. Next post, in fact. πŸ˜‰

Hope you’ve enjoyed meeting this family! I love writing about the people I’m creating to live in this town. It really helps to round out their characters and makes me eager to play them all!

“Imperial” Carpeting

Named in honour of PurplePaws’ TS3 carpet tiles. Mine is not the same thing – the “dots” in the pattern are darker than the main colour, not lighter. But hey – they’re dots. πŸ˜‰

I made this carpeting to be one of my new “basics” in the game. I’ve diffused the pattern just a bit so that it’s not quite totally realistic, but has a tad more realism than the Maxis carpets. It might lean toward the “more realism” side. πŸ˜€ But at least it’s not photo-perfect. πŸ˜‰

In-game shots of four of the colours, no added editing as far as lighting, etc.:

Aqua: dusty

Blue: grey

Brown: dark

Yellow: straw

Here are all the colours included:

Colour Gallery

** Download at Sim File Share **

Installing: If you need help installing CC, Carl has a great tutorial here.

Patterned Berber

In my quest to make over my Brindleton Bay homes, I decided I needed some better carpeting than game stuff. However, it’s really hard to find for TS4, let me tell you! What I want is the PurplePaws carpets that I had in TS3. However, those kind don’t seem to exist (at least on places I’m willing to download them from).

Which spun me off into a sideline of making my own carpet flooring! (ADD, much?)

Now, these are NOT like PurplePaws’ yet. But they turned out nicely enough for me to share. πŸ™‚ I mean, if I’m going to go to the effort, I may as well share in case anyone else can use them, too!

Patterned Berber


CC Credits: Windows, curtains, sofa, some walls, and chair by peacemaker_ic.

** Download at Sim File Share **

Installing: If you need help installing CC, Carl has a great tutorial here.

Chloe Tierney in Dachshund’s Refuge

I chose a smaller house to start off my Brindleton Bay/Peacemaker venture: Dachshund’s Refuge. (Please head over to the Simsational Designs post to get a proper look at the exterior of this house. I started my save in Spring, like a dolt, and all the trees are missing leaves and it’s snowing. πŸ˜› )

For this home, I chose to create a single, YA, female sim whom I named Chloe Tierney.


Chloe is an independent gal. She’s a musician – pianst, to be precise. She likes fashion that’s a bit on the flamboyant side of life. Even though she’s a newb sim in the game and has no skills, I imagine her to be an accomplished artist already, someone who was a child prodigy and has a certain level of notoriety despite her young age. πŸ™‚

She’s got all the qualities of a prodigy – Music Lover, Creative, Muser, Perfectionist. In my mind, she travels quite a bit with her musical endeavours and I think that she will be the Brindleton Bay piano teacher for all the kids. πŸ˜€

She inherited this home from her grandparents. The kitchen had to be re-done, but everything else was in pretty good shape. She has a mix of some of her furnishings and some of her grandparents’ older stuff – suits her eclectic style. She keeps a very tidy home – being a Perfectionist, she doesn’t like things out of place!

Take a walk through Chloe’s home – click on the first picture to bring up the whole gallery.

I like Chloe’s mix of older and newer, retro and modern. I can’t wait to play her! But I’ll have to, because I have quite a few more homes to go!

Next up will be Bob Tierney’s place. Bob is Chloe’s brother. He has a wife, a 10yo daughter, and an elderly father-in-law. Pics coming soon – but first I’ll have to finish their home! πŸ˜‰

New Game Save: Peace River

I’ve explored Land Lubber’s as thoroughly as I can for now. I’ll do another post to finish that up since I created a sort of “Bring It On!” version that pretty much works, as well.

But for now, I’ve transitioned to a new “challenge” for me. I’ve recently downloaded each and every one of Peacemaker_ic’s Brindleton Bay homes and businesses.


They are all amazingly gorgeous, as always. I mean truly, click the link and go take a look!

Since I’ve also recently stuffed my entire mods folder full of Peace’s CC, it seemed natural to create this pretty seaside town and fill it with my own sims to play in rotation (hopefully) a la Purzel. I set it up exactly as shown in his map in the post above and I’ve called the game save “Peace River” – obviously in honour of Peacemaker, but also it’s a real river and geographical area in British Columbia, where I live, so it seemed like a good match. πŸ˜€

The “challenge” in this is that all of the residential lots are unfurnished. Just shells. So as I make over the interior of each one, I’ll be moving in sims who will live there. That will hopefully help me with style, back stories, colours, and all that stuff as I finish and furnish these marvelous homes. πŸ™‚

I’ll be posting some images of the families I move in and their homes’ interiors in the next while. I have one home completed, so I’ll get that up in a new post today.

I really love Brindleton Bay, EA did a great job with that world. I’m very excited to have it transformed with these lovely builds and even more excited to put some personal sims into the homes whom I’ll know quite well by the time I’m finished with all their decorating!