Quick Update to Myself

Currently downloading TS3. I have a TS4 save that is supposed to be a long-term “Fill-a-World” project (trademarked by moi). But 1 week in and my fleeting interest has waned for the moment. Watched a video on TS3 yesterday and it made me yearn for the colour wheel. 😦 So I thought I might give it a bit of a go. However, I’m not expecting miracles. LOL

Writing this to myself since my blog is paid for and I never use it. 😛 I’ll just document for documentation’s sake, I think.

I’ve lost the save files for all my previous stuff going on on this blog. Between disinterest and new computer and multiple “total computer backups” folders, I can’t be bothered to re-find everything.

Plus, all the updates since then will have borked a ton of my CC, so I’m best to re-download what I want. Which, to be honest, is the problem with CC – at some point, some game update, patch, or expansion kills something and you have to KNOW what CC you have in order to go find it and replace it once the creator has updated it, IF they update it.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep hanging on with The Sims. LOL However, I have it in mind to make a sim named “Annie” in TS3 and plop her down somewhere and probably do a rags-to-riches type thing. I’ll probably die with the old build mode tools, but if I recall, I did make some pretty awesome houses back in the day (awesome by my standards) so it can’t be all bad, right?

At least I’ll get to colour-coordinate the home. 😉

What do you mean about “tangled”?

Um, yeah, so NO, I do not have extremely long, blonde hair, and my first name is not “Rapunzel”. 😛

I’ve not crocheted for months, so that can’t count. And even when I do crochet, I rarely tangle the threads. 😉

Also, just to be clear, I’m not involved in any sorts of love triangles or spy schemes or deceptions of any kind. That I know of. * shifty eyes *

The “tangled” part of “The Tangled Webby” came from a dear simming friend of mine way back when, alluding to the multitude of stories and thoughts and inspirations and ideas that I had (and have) when I play this game.

And, of course, it goes nicely with the idea of a “web”… “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…” My username since before [current internet] time has been WebbyMom… Not that the “webby” part has ever had anything to do with spiders * SHUDDER * but everything to do with our wonderful WWW. 😉

So there is it. I’m tangled. I’m intricate. I’m somewhat delicate and easily broken, but on the other hand, I’m strong and anchored and beautiful in my own way.

Especially in the morning sun when the light catches all the dew… erm, sweat.. on my face. I mean, when I glow. Yes. Glow. Glowing in the morning. Or anytime. Which only tends to happen when I have a hot flash, because heaven forbid that I exercise and glow…



And I’m a bit crazy. Never forget the “crazy”. I love the “crazy” bits. 😀 Crazy like a spider web in a wind storm. Muuuuwaaahaaahaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa…..

I’m thinking you understand it all now.

A Tangled Welcome

This blog is for all kinds of random odds-and-ends that come out of my tangled brain. It’s sort of instead of my old blog, The Tangled Webby, which I took down in favour of a cheaper (read “freeeeeee!”) option. Besides, I don’t put much on blogs normally. LOL

I’ll be posting mostly about simming, I should think. But my story blogs will be kept elsewhere. This is for out-takes, random thoughts and/or pictures, that kind of thing.

Now to remember that I have this darn blog. 😀