Do You “Legacy”?

Really, that title is a legitimate question. Do you like to do legacy challenges, of any sort, in your game(s)?

I have attempted them in times past. Sims 2, Sims 3… gosh, I remember my TS3 family and home like it was yesterday!

And yet they only made it to Gen 2. Haaaa!

(I blame the freaking paparazzi…)

I even started TS4 with a legacy. Oh yes! The MacKay family. Loved them (and their house) dearly.

I think I made it to Gen 4??? Possibly? By the time we got pools?


I got the urge today to start a new legacy. You know, scoring and all (as best I can). This despite the fact that I currently have a Cinderella Challenge that I am preparing for. 😛

But, of course, the legacy will be long-term, probably played in and around other ventures and ideas. I also had the thought that I should record it and share it as a “Let’s Play”… and then I didn’t. 😛

Because, let’s face it, a single woman starting with a 50×50 lot in in Willow Creek, looking for her Founding Partner (no pressure there, guys! 😛 ) and with nothing of any interest to her name is pretty framming BORING, right? Seriously. We’ve all seen it, done it, dreamed it… (or is that last one just me??)

She [finally] married – after pursuing one man and then being rejected. Grrr. The new guy is much nicer. They married. He took her name. They lived in her tent. Now she’s pregnant. They have managed to build a super-basic home. (No more peeing in a bush!) They both have jobs. They are (read, “I am”) hoping to be able to pay the bills AND a nanny…

But perhaps we should just have this baby first. 😉