CC Conundrum, Revisited

Oh man, years later and I have a WHACK-TON of CC! I even downloaded some Disney-like Cinderella content, but I’ve only ended up using a headband for her formal/party wear outfits. And this because it looked good and I’d decided not to go for a “true-to-Disney” look with my characters. (Because let’s face it, I’d have to learn how to make CC and then make a boatload of it to truly do that for all characters… LOL)

So the rest of it will be trashed, and I will be happy. I do tend to purge like that when needed.

But when this generation of the game came out, part of me was all, like, “I should be a purist! No CC ever!”, the other part of me still loved CC, and I still do! Especially Maxis-match CC or things that extend build-mode sets so they are more useful, or that give me more options with building and decorating and still look fairly… “Maxis”.

Like kitchen stuff. And living room furniture.  And bedroom furniture. And let’s not forget rugs and curtains and flooring and walls and plants…

I even jumped on the CAS CC bandwagon, although again, I prefer stuff that looks like TS4 stuff, like hair and skins and eyes. I’m not trying to make my sims look like real people. I still want them to look like sims. I just want them to look nice when I play them. When I see them from far away. Or when I take close-ups for stories. 😀

Thus, I have found myself solidly on the “Oh yes, CC please!” side of life. After all, it seems to me that all my TS4 CC has not slowed down my game or made it lag horribly. Kudos to EA/Maxis for coding this generation of the game they way they have, because it has definitely been a bonus and has helped a lot of us enjoy a non-laggy game!

What do you think? I mean, I have friends who have thrown all or most of their CC away and are discovering new and amazing things they didn’t know Maxis had put out! And I have friends who make all the CC they love or go on downloading sprees from awesome creators I haven’t even discovered yet… Where are you on the CC/No CC line? Comment below!

The CC Conundrum

Well, TS4 is barely out for 2 months and I’m downloading all kinds of CC for it. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

I am, however, attempting to be very picky with the stuff I keep. Along with having to work well and not be glitchy, it needs to fit well enough with the art style of TS4. If it does all that, I’ll keep it.

I’m keeping a list of all the CC I use in-game in OneNote. I include the link, creator, and pictures. But I’ve been thinking that it might be good to keep a list online. I don’t know why, exactly. What’s the difference? I never sim away from home where I’d need to see the list! 😀 However, it might be handy as a reference for others…

I shall think about that. This random blog might be just the place for such a thing. 😉