Preparing for Strangerville, Part 2

Cora’s new home is done! And I’ve studied the Strangerville map and have a good idea where I’m going to put it, too. 😀


You’ll notice the odd trio of wall art in the dining room. Almost like someone was trying to leave Cora a message about the history of the town… She sat down and made notes right away. 😉

The great thing about parallel universes is that I’m playing her for now in Oasis Springs, just while I wait for Tuesday, but I can easily transplant her home into Strangerville later. 😀 I’m just pretending she’s in a different part of Strangerville for the time being. Maybe she’ll wake up one day and her whole home will have moved location! Wow, part of the mystery, maybe? 🙂

Preparing for “Strangerville”

Like many of us Simmers, I’m really looking forward to next Tuesday! I totally love quirk in this game, and the Strangerville Game Pack looks like it has “quirk quotient” out the ying-yang!

I’ve decided to take my self-sim (or is that sim-self???) into the new world for a new adventure. After all, she likes quirk as much as I do, if not more! She flipping got together with Johnny Zest in a parallel life, after all! Not to mention the mad, mad late nights hacking into other computers, and battling jungle pests and thorns, all the red-button pushing she did as a scientist along with the many trips to Sixam… 😉

Well, looks like Sixam is tripping back to Sim-earth, and Cora wants – NEEDS – to be involved!

Despite my own personal hatred of all things that start with “exercise”, I do believe Cora is in for some of that, being as I’ll probably be putting her into the new Military Career. (Probably? Pffft… who am I kidding? She’s destined to get to the top o’ that one, too!) She’ll have to slog it out for many an hour on some kind of human body torture machine or another. The good side is that she’ll be far FAR skinnier than her Controller. 😀 The bad side is, she’ll rub it in. 😛

In preparation for Cora’s next adventures, I’m creating a new home for her. She’s going to live on the second floor of a building that once housed a bookstore. The store has been closed for years now, of course, but the old lady who inherited the building rents out the top floor. Right next door, luckily for Cora, is a “coffee shop”! Woot! Wait – hold the celebrations. It only looks like a coffee shop, it’s totally fake. 😀 Because, this ain’t about dining out, folks. Dis ’bout ALIENS. And their plant-babies. Yup. Dat’s wat dis ’bout….

* ahem *

I’m trying to copy the look of Strangerville as far as I can see it from the trailer. I feel it basically has an “old, small, mid-western US town” sort of feel, with some pretty traditional/classic architecture from the 19th century and a bit of desert/Western thrown in. Let me just point out that the build shown above is not yet complete. I’m going to leave some room for the new “stuffs” that come with the GP. 😀

For this play session, my premise is that Cora will be working “under cover” in the mililtary. Let’s face it, the woman is framming rich by now, but for this chapter of her life, she’s hiding that fact and has rented this run-down hovel of a place so she can “blend in” and get to know the locals – so that she can THEN get more intel on the Strangerville goings-on. 😉

I have a fire escape to build on the right of this building still, and possibly some kind of horrid courtyard/BBQ area out back on the ground floor. We’ll see how far I get tonight. Poor rich Cora is going to suffer just a tad – her kitchen cupboards and appliances are pure CRAP!

I think the rest of the apartment won’t be much better. Haaa! I gave her a break with a pretty decent tub and toilet, and might give a bit of a break with the bed (who can play properly with a sim who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep???), but everything else is up for grabs. 😉

I should totally add some lot traits like Earthquake and… something else bad. 😀

Dang, this is going to be just too fun.