Do You “Legacy”?

Really, that title is a legitimate question. Do you like to do legacy challenges, of any sort, in your game(s)?

I have attempted them in times past. Sims 2, Sims 3… gosh, I remember my TS3 family and home like it was yesterday!

And yet they only made it to Gen 2. Haaaa!

(I blame the freaking paparazzi…)

I even started TS4 with a legacy. Oh yes! The MacKay family. Loved them (and their house) dearly.

I think I made it to Gen 4??? Possibly? By the time we got pools?


I got the urge today to start a new legacy. You know, scoring and all (as best I can). This despite the fact that I currently have a Cinderella Challenge that I am preparing for. 😛

But, of course, the legacy will be long-term, probably played in and around other ventures and ideas. I also had the thought that I should record it and share it as a “Let’s Play”… and then I didn’t. 😛

Because, let’s face it, a single woman starting with a 50×50 lot in in Willow Creek, looking for her Founding Partner (no pressure there, guys! 😛 ) and with nothing of any interest to her name is pretty framming BORING, right? Seriously. We’ve all seen it, done it, dreamed it… (or is that last one just me??)

She [finally] married – after pursuing one man and then being rejected. Grrr. The new guy is much nicer. They married. He took her name. They lived in her tent. Now she’s pregnant. They have managed to build a super-basic home. (No more peeing in a bush!) They both have jobs. They are (read, “I am”) hoping to be able to pay the bills AND a nanny…

But perhaps we should just have this baby first. 😉

What do you mean about “tangled”?

Um, yeah, so NO, I do not have extremely long, blonde hair, and my first name is not “Rapunzel”. 😛

I’ve not crocheted for months, so that can’t count. And even when I do crochet, I rarely tangle the threads. 😉

Also, just to be clear, I’m not involved in any sorts of love triangles or spy schemes or deceptions of any kind. That I know of. * shifty eyes *

The “tangled” part of “The Tangled Webby” came from a dear simming friend of mine way back when, alluding to the multitude of stories and thoughts and inspirations and ideas that I had (and have) when I play this game.

And, of course, it goes nicely with the idea of a “web”… “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…” My username since before [current internet] time has been WebbyMom… Not that the “webby” part has ever had anything to do with spiders * SHUDDER * but everything to do with our wonderful WWW. 😉

So there is it. I’m tangled. I’m intricate. I’m somewhat delicate and easily broken, but on the other hand, I’m strong and anchored and beautiful in my own way.

Especially in the morning sun when the light catches all the dew… erm, sweat.. on my face. I mean, when I glow. Yes. Glow. Glowing in the morning. Or anytime. Which only tends to happen when I have a hot flash, because heaven forbid that I exercise and glow…



And I’m a bit crazy. Never forget the “crazy”. I love the “crazy” bits. 😀 Crazy like a spider web in a wind storm. Muuuuwaaahaaahaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa…..

I’m thinking you understand it all now.

The Cinderella Challenge Characters

Time for the unveiling of the first four characters in this challenge. 🙂 Click to expand!

I should say that I’m really pleased with how these folks have turned out! I love that we have quite a few things just in-game now that seems to fit what I needed for this household. Yes, I’ve used a few CC things – for the most part that means makeup, but there are probably a couple of other things here and there, like Cinderella’s formal-wear headband, etc. 🙂

Lady Tremaine is an Adult, the three girls are Teens.

I’ll put a photoshoot of the Prince and his family and the Fairy Godmother together for the next post. 😀

CC Conundrum, Revisited

Oh man, years later and I have a WHACK-TON of CC! I even downloaded some Disney-like Cinderella content, but I’ve only ended up using a headband for her formal/party wear outfits. And this because it looked good and I’d decided not to go for a “true-to-Disney” look with my characters. (Because let’s face it, I’d have to learn how to make CC and then make a boatload of it to truly do that for all characters… LOL)

So the rest of it will be trashed, and I will be happy. I do tend to purge like that when needed.

But when this generation of the game came out, part of me was all, like, “I should be a purist! No CC ever!”, the other part of me still loved CC, and I still do! Especially Maxis-match CC or things that extend build-mode sets so they are more useful, or that give me more options with building and decorating and still look fairly… “Maxis”.

Like kitchen stuff. And living room furniture.  And bedroom furniture. And let’s not forget rugs and curtains and flooring and walls and plants…

I even jumped on the CAS CC bandwagon, although again, I prefer stuff that looks like TS4 stuff, like hair and skins and eyes. I’m not trying to make my sims look like real people. I still want them to look like sims. I just want them to look nice when I play them. When I see them from far away. Or when I take close-ups for stories. 😀

Thus, I have found myself solidly on the “Oh yes, CC please!” side of life. After all, it seems to me that all my TS4 CC has not slowed down my game or made it lag horribly. Kudos to EA/Maxis for coding this generation of the game they way they have, because it has definitely been a bonus and has helped a lot of us enjoy a non-laggy game!

What do you think? I mean, I have friends who have thrown all or most of their CC away and are discovering new and amazing things they didn’t know Maxis had put out! And I have friends who make all the CC they love or go on downloading sprees from awesome creators I haven’t even discovered yet… Where are you on the CC/No CC line? Comment below!

Cinderella Challenge Part 1

I had a ton of fun with Strangerville, Cora, and the whole story line of that town! Decided not to post it, as much of it was rather repetitive/grindy, and I was also trying to get her skills up at the same time. 😛 But the fake apartment worked out and fit in beautifully for what I needed it for and I sure enjoyed playing through that pack!

On to something new. As I do. 😉

I was meandering the web about a month ago, wondering what kind of challenge I could do with TS4 that would get my interest back up. I ran across The Cinderella Challenge, which has been around since TS2 days.

So as not to call anyone out I’m not going to leave any links here – but suffice it to say that anyone who said they’d “adapted” the challenge for TS4 had done it 1) waaay back in the early days of TS4, and/or 2) just copied and pasted and amalgamated the TS2 and TS3 versions of the challenge.

In other words, I found that much of it lacked any relevance to my TS4 game. LOL

Thus began my current odyssey…

  1. I needed some decent TS4 rules/guidelines
  2. I needed some TS4 characters/sims for this challenge
  3. I needed an appropriate house for the challenge to take place in
  4. I needed to decide where I would take my inspiration from (ie, which Cinderella story/movie would inspire me)

Well, since my introduction to Cinderella came via a movie theatre at a very young age with the Disney adaptation, and since that therefore is my favourite version, I’m definitely going to get my inspiration for characters and storyline/challenge from there. However, I’m leaving it at “inspired” – I’m not trying to perfectly imitate it all and gather CC from the four hundred corners of the internet to make it all matchy-matchy… nooooo!

I am currently adapting the rules I’ve have gathered from online for the past generations of the game into something that will better relate to TS4, esp. regarding traits and aspirations, game perks and limitations, etc. I’d definitely share them here when I’m done figuring things out!

As for a house, I have all of Peacemaker’s homes at this point, and I picked one of them (Millard Manor from his Stonehaven collection) to be the lovely “Montague House” (assuming Cinderella’s dad was a “Montague”) where the main 4 characters will live. I’m still finishing the interior of the home at this time. I’ve placed it in Windenburg – seemed a suitable town for this sort of story. 🙂

And today, I have finally completed my cast of characters! In the main house, I’ll have the usuals (named in honour of the Disney characters): Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Anastasia, and Cinderella.

Down the road from the Montague House, when the time comes, I’ll move the Fairy Godmother into in a lovely little cottage suitable for her.

And in a castle on the large lot on the island in Windenburg, I have The Prince and his father and mother – house and characters all conveniently stolen from my Princess Challenge. Haaa! (Hint: The Prince from that challenge sometimes appears at the top of this blog, looking rather bored and/or haughty… 😉 )

I may renovate the royal family to have more of a “Disney” look although, again, I’m not going for perfect here, just “inspired by”. 😉 And yes, I know there was no Queen in the Disney story… she may or may not stay. Although I think it might be nice for Cinderella to finally have a loving mother again, don’t you?

Well, now you have the introduction to this whole venture I have started on! I will do a photo gallery next of the four main characters, so stay tuned!

If you have ideas for this challenge, or have played it out in TS4, or just want to comment, go ahead and join in below. 🙂