Seasons! They are Coming!

Before those afore-mentioned princesses arrive, I’ve got a few pics from my current game save. I wanted to take advantage of the Jasmine Holiday perks so I had a sim all ready to go for the 22nd and the release of TS4 Seasons. So I made “Jase Slade” – goes by Slade to most of his bro’s, because… bro’s. Yo.

Jase started out on the 40×30 empty lot in the “golf course” section of Oasis Springs. This was not a “rags to riches” thing, so he had some money to spend on a wee house and some seeds. My thanks to Carmiinaa and her house on the Gallery called “10K Build Challenge” – it started Jase off just right!

Of course, the idea is to grow and modify the house as he goes. But he does have to earn the money to do it. And that is, for now, by his garden.

Now I’ll catch you up to these pics: Jase maxed his Gardening skill with the help of the perks. Then he maxed his Cooking and Gourmet Cooking skills, and he got his Baking all the way up to level 8 before that perk ran out. 🙂 Then he took the perk where he wasn’t as hungry or grungy all the time, and that gave him extra stamina to both garden and to explore for more kinds of plants. And fish – because fish make good fertilizer, yo. Not to mention the odd dinner…

Now he has the perk to boost Handiness, Painting, and Photography. Not sure why those are included in these bonuses, but there MUST be a good reason, so dangit, he’s gonna work on all of ’em! Handiness is already at level 10. He will be a super sim in no time! LOL

Here are the pictures of where he’s been heading and where his once-modern-looking little house is at now.


Jase need help! My Nefertiti seemed willing to at least consider it! 😀


She agreed to move in with him and learn how to garden. After all, she lived in a dive next to the diner. 😉


The small bit of money she brought with her helped to grow the house a bit larger.


They have matching bedrooms now, and there is a bit more living space in the front.


Neff is learning to garden and Jase is happy! But wait, what is that fenced area over there???



And with that, Jase Slade has now completed his Aspiration of becoming a Freelance Botanist! Woot!

Now Nefertiti will follow in his footsteps in the garden while he continues work on the “extra” perks of Photography (currently just at level 3) and Painting (level NOTHING. 😀 )

Eventually, I hope that these two collect pretty much everything there is to collect. But let’s face it, that’s a big order for this Controller since I’m soooo fickle. 😀 However, they WILL be ready for Seasons and whatever kind of business they can set up with that EP. And then I’ll choose “Mansion Baron” as the aspiration for both of them and they can work their tails off to make their teeny home into the biggest and best Southwestern Hacienda on the block!

Many years later…

05Doo joo noe… I apparently forgot I had this blog!

But I’ve recently re-discovered it and decided to go “whole hog” and pay for a bit of upgrading. Just a bit. Enough to get my own domain back again (happy dance!) and get rid of the ads.

Party time! \o/

So I started a completely different (and still freeeee) blog for my CC recordings. Which ia now getting a tad old and out-dated and I’ve downloaded stuff that I haven’t recorded and taken out stuff I haven’t deleted from the blog.

Great idea. Waaaay too much work. LOL

I really wanted my own home on the inter-webz that wasn’t tumblr, however, and this was affordable. I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll call it my “Happy Mother’s Day to Me!” present. 😉04

I have a story to tell. And this will be the best place to tell it. It’s all about 6 ordinary girls, a queen’s interesting idea to find a bride for her son, a reluctant prince, and the building of a castle while I played it all out.

Stay tuned. 😀

The CC Conundrum

Well, TS4 is barely out for 2 months and I’m downloading all kinds of CC for it. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

I am, however, attempting to be very picky with the stuff I keep. Along with having to work well and not be glitchy, it needs to fit well enough with the art style of TS4. If it does all that, I’ll keep it.

I’m keeping a list of all the CC I use in-game in OneNote. I include the link, creator, and pictures. But I’ve been thinking that it might be good to keep a list online. I don’t know why, exactly. What’s the difference? I never sim away from home where I’d need to see the list! 😀 However, it might be handy as a reference for others…

I shall think about that. This random blog might be just the place for such a thing. 😉

A Tangled Welcome

This blog is for all kinds of random odds-and-ends that come out of my tangled brain. It’s sort of instead of my old blog, The Tangled Webby, which I took down in favour of a cheaper (read “freeeeeee!”) option. Besides, I don’t put much on blogs normally. LOL

I’ll be posting mostly about simming, I should think. But my story blogs will be kept elsewhere. This is for out-takes, random thoughts and/or pictures, that kind of thing.

Now to remember that I have this darn blog. 😀